Child Trust Funds: 700,000 accounts forgotten about or lost

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Child Trust Funds: 700,000 accounts forgotten about or lost Child Trust Funds Child Trust Funds (CTF) were introduced in September 2002 as a means for investing in children’s futures. At birth, every child living in the UK (not subject to immigration controls) was provided with a voucher worth £250 by the government to open a Trust Fund account; a further £250 was given to children from low-income families. At age 7, the government then made an additional payment of £250 into the account, …

Prepping for your 2020-21 Condition Improvement Fund

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Prepping for your 2020-21 Condition Improvement Fund What?! Now? Really?While the surprise announcement of additional CIF awards is only a few weeks old, you would think that it would be a little premature to start considering bids to the 2021 fund. Far from it. DfE is due to issue guidance for CIF 2021 in October 2020 with the deadline for …

Wave 2

PAG celebrates successful Wave 2 clients

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PAG celebrates successful Wave 2 clients Premier Advisory Group is delighted to celebrate the trusts who were successful in their bids to open new SEND/AP Free Schools via Wave 2 of the DfE programme. These successful applications include a number of PAG’s clients:  Ambitious about Autism Academies TrustAmbitious About Autism Academies Trust has been selected to sponsor a new 4 to 19 school for children and young people with …

Policy Doctor: An Origin Story

PAG Staff Governance, Leadership, Schools

Policy Doctor: An Origin Story S taff meetings at PAG are often interrupted by shared experiences of interminable and less than effective governing body/trust meetings. The root of these frustrations is the same each time – wasted time and effort that could be expended more fruitfully on focusing on teaching and learning. One of the biggest drains on time is …

What impact does COVID-19 have on transition to university?

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What impact does COVID-19 have on transition to university? 🎓📝📚 {%%{base64content 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 }%%} What impact does COVID-19 have on university applicants? Get in touch Book an appointmentArrange a discussion with one of our consultants Send us an emailWe tend to respond within a couple of hours 0345 459 7600Our office hours are 08.30 – 18.00 jQuery(document).ready(function() { jQuery(‘#contact_slider’).owlCarousel({ responsive:{ 0:{ …

The new Nightingales?

Tom Legge COVID-19, Schools

Can schools fill the gap in the childcare market and change the face of the sector for good? COVID-19 has brought a seismic shift to the childcare market that will be felt long after life starts to return to pre-pandemic normality. Recent research from suggests that nearly one-sixth of the providers asked said they were likely to have permanently …

COVID 19 transition education

COVID-19 and Transition Between Key Stages

Yashna Smart COVID-19, Schools, Transition

Change can be a difficult process if it is not prepared for and handled well, for children and adults alike. Schools recognise this and endeavour to provide the necessary support to pupils during their transition between key stages. COVID-19 has significantly disrupted this process; pupils will have already faced a great deal of change in the last few weeks and …

CEO Focus: Brenda Mullen CEO of Learning Today Leading Tomorrow

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Brenda Mullen was appointed as CEO of LT2 in September 2017. Prior to this Brenda was CEO of MacIntyre Academies Trust, having formerly been Director of Children’s Services for the charity. Brenda has a background in teaching and has also been a successful independent consultant to schools and Local Authorities. Click the link to see her answers to questions on COVID-19.