Bridget Phillipson

Eight Key Takeaways from Bridget Phillipson’s First Sector Address

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Eight Key Takeaways from Bridget Phillipson’s First Sector Address1. Ofsted’s Expanded RoleIn her first live Q&A session with ther education sector, Bridget Phillipson emphasised integrating Ofsted’s school inspections with broader child services and promised a reform to the way inspections are scored and presented, as well as suggesting MATs will soon be inspected by the body.2. Curriculum ReviewA comprehensive review …

Education Policy

What Labour’s victory could mean for education policy

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What Labour’s victory could mean for education policyWith the projected Labour victory seemingly all but confirmed after yesterday’s General Election, a new government means a shift towards new policies. Below we take a look at the education policy Labour laid out while on the campaign trail; from the controversial plan to tax independent schools to delivering free breakfast clubs for …

Education policies

Major Parties’ Key Education Policies

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The Major Parties’ Key Education PoliciesThe UK general election is tomorrow, and education is a key issue for many voters up and down the country. Here’s a detailed roundup of the major parties’ key education policies, giving you a clear understanding of the parties addressing the issues vital to you.The Conservative PartyThe Conservative party is focusing it’s education policies on …

SEND budgets

The Growing SEND Budget Crisis

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The Growing SEND Budget CrisisCouncils across England are facing alarming shortfalls in their SEND budget, critical for supporting children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). The BBC recently uncovered that councils predict a deficit nearing £1 billion in funds allocated for these students. This shortfall is exacerbated by increasing demands and mounting financial pressures on local authorities.Escalating Deficits and …

AI in education

AI in Education

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AI in EducationArtificial intelligence (AI) is making significant inroads into the UK’s educational landscape. According to a recent Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) survey, about half of the educators in the UK are leveraging AI tools such as ChatGPT and Google Bard for various aspects of their teaching. This surge in AI usage is transforming educational practices, both offering promising opportunities …

New teachers

Labour’s Education Pledge: Recruiting 6,500 New Teachers

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Labour’s Education Pledge:Recruiting 6,500 New TeachersLabour has renewed its commitment to education by pledging to recruit 6,500 additional teachers, emphasising this move as a cornerstone of their broader vision for systemic sector change. This commitment, part of Labour’s six “first steps for change” should the party come into government, is aimed at addressing the persistent challenges of teacher shortages in …

pupil wellbeing

School Pilot Aims to Boost Pupil Wellbeing and Social Skills

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School Pilot Aims to Boost Pupil Wellbeing and Social Skills All Saints Catholic College, located near Ladbroke Grove in North Kensington, is launching a 10-week pilot program that aims to extend school hours and ban phones in an effort to improve pupil wellbeing and enhance communication skills. The initiative, designed to somewhat mimic a “private school service” at a fraction of …

school funding

Revolutionising School Funding in England

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Revolutionising School Funding in England In a thought-provoking and timely report released by the Confederation of School Trusts (CST) this month, the educational landscape in England is poised for a transformative shift through proposed reforms to school funding. Titled “Funding Futures”, this detailed document underscores the urgent need for a funding system that is both fair and sufficient, amidst a backdrop …


Understanding the Revamped Ofsted Complaints Procedure

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Understanding the Revamped Ofsted Complaints Procedure In an educational landscape where accountability and quality assurance play pivotal roles, Ofsted’s updated complaints procedure, effective from April 5th 2024, marks a significant shift towards greater transparency and fairness. This change, propelled by a comprehensive consultation last year that garnered over 1,500 responses from various sectors, reflects Ofsted’s commitment to refining its approach to …

SEND transport

The Rising Cost of SEND Transport

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The Rising Cost of SEND Transport In recent years, councils across England have faced a significant financial challenge that has largely flown under the radar: the skyrocketing cost of providing school transport for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). A comprehensive investigation by the BBC has laid bare the extent of this issue, revealing a nearly doubled expenditure within …