AI in education

AI in Education

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AI in EducationArtificial intelligence (AI) is making significant inroads into the UK’s educational landscape. According to a recent Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) survey, about half of the educators in the UK are leveraging AI tools such as ChatGPT and Google Bard for various aspects of their teaching. This surge in AI usage is transforming educational practices, both offering promising opportunities …

New teachers

Labour’s Education Pledge: Recruiting 6,500 New Teachers

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Labour’s Education Pledge:Recruiting 6,500 New TeachersLabour has renewed its commitment to education by pledging to recruit 6,500 additional teachers, emphasising this move as a cornerstone of their broader vision for systemic sector change. This commitment, part of Labour’s six “first steps for change” should the party come into government, is aimed at addressing the persistent challenges of teacher shortages in …

pupil wellbeing

School Pilot Aims to Boost Pupil Wellbeing and Social Skills

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School Pilot Aims to Boost Pupil Wellbeing and Social Skills All Saints Catholic College, located near Ladbroke Grove in North Kensington, is launching a 10-week pilot program that aims to extend school hours and ban phones in an effort to improve pupil wellbeing and enhance communication skills. The initiative, designed to somewhat mimic a “private school service” at a fraction of …


Understanding the Revamped Ofsted Complaints Procedure

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Understanding the Revamped Ofsted Complaints Procedure In an educational landscape where accountability and quality assurance play pivotal roles, Ofsted’s updated complaints procedure, effective from April 5th 2024, marks a significant shift towards greater transparency and fairness. This change, propelled by a comprehensive consultation last year that garnered over 1,500 responses from various sectors, reflects Ofsted’s commitment to refining its approach to …

Teacher training graphic

Government introduces new teacher training apprenticeships

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Government introduces newteaching apprenticeshipsThis autumn marks a revolutionary shift in the landscape of teacher training, recruitment, and education with the launch of a new teacher degree apprenticeship program. Aimed at transforming the way schools recruit teachers, this initiative is designed to support individuals who wish to earn while they study for a degree, offering a high-quality, alternative route into the …

Kreston Reeves UK Academies Benchmark Report 2024

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Kreston Reeves UKAcademies Benchmark Report 2024The Kreston Reeves UK Academies Benchmark Report for 2024 presents an in-depth analysis of the financial health and operational challenges facing academy trusts across the United Kingdom. The report, which draws on data from nearly 300 Trusts and over 2,300 schools, offers a comprehensive overview of the sector’s current state, highlighting the resilience and challenges …

Play Sufficiency Assessments (PSA)

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PSA: Play Sufficiency AssessmentOverviewIn 2022, PAG was commissioned by two Welsh local authorities, Pembrokeshire County Council and Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council, to conduct Play Sufficiency Assessments (PSAs) to evaluate the quality, sufficiency, and quantity of play areas for children in Pembrokeshire and Merthyr Tydfil.    PSAs are designed to help ensure children from 0-17 have accessible, high-quality, diverse play areas …

External Reviews of Governance

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External Reviews of GovernanceReviewing Your GovernanceIn this short blog, we discuss the importance and nuances of External Reviews of Governance (ERG) within the education sector and particularly within multi-academy trusts.Regular governance reviews are a critical aspect of good governance, demonstrating a trust’s commitment not only to the quality of its leadership and decision-makers, but also its preparedness for future plans …

Wellness Day

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Wellness: Away Day to the Isle of ArranAfter two excellent quarters, it was time for the Growth team to take a well-earned day away from their desks. High performance can breed burn out and this is never truer than in a hybrid/work-from-home (WFH) company where in-person time can come at such a premium. Although PAG does have an office space, …

PAG Named One of the 2023 UK’s Best Workplaces for Wellbeing by GPTW

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PAG named one of the UK’s 2023 Best Workplaces™ for WellbeingWe are absolutely thrilled to announce that PAG has been officially named one of the UK’s Best Workplaces™ for Wellbeing (2023) by Great Place to Work UK,the global authority on workplace culture.Great Place to Work’s culture experts analysed thousands of employee surveys, assessing people’s holistic experiences of wellbeing at work …