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    At PAG, we specialise in developing robust social value policies and processes that ensure your initiatives are both impactful and sustainable. Our expert team offers comprehensive monitoring and reporting services, enhancing transparency and accountability. We help increase stakeholder and shareholder value through tailored strategies and direct support in social value tender and funding opportunities

    What is social value?

    Social value refers to the wider non-financial impacts of programs, organisations, and projects, including the well-being of individuals and communities, social capital, and the environment.

    In the UK, the concept of social value is reinforced by policies and acts like the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012, which mandates public sector bodies to consider social value in procurement and service delivery.

    How is social value measured?

    Qualitative: Qualitative reporting involves capturing narrative evidence and case studies that illustrate the personal and community impacts of initiatives, providing a deeper understanding of the human stories behind the numbers and highlighting the transformative effects of social value.

    Quantitative: Social value can be measured using frameworks and methodologies like Social Return on Investment (SROI), National TOMs (Themes, Outcomes, and Measures), and Local Multiplier 3 (LM3), which quantify the social, economic, and environmental outcomes of activities.

    How can social value support your organisation?

    Enhanced Reputation: Demonstrating commitment to social value strengthens Sky’s reputation as a responsible media organisation, building trust with viewers and stakeholders.

    Regulatory Compliance: Ensures compliance with regulations like the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012 and provides a competitive edge in procurement and partnerships.

    Delivering Stakeholder Value: Monitoring, reporting, and scaling social value programmes increases financial efficiency and opens new avenues for business growth and development.

    Tendered Opportunities: Strong social value credentials improve eligibility and competitiveness for public sector tenders and contracts prioritising social impact.

    How we can help

    • Social Value Policy and Practice
      • Development of tailored social value policies
      • Implementation of best practices for maximum impact
      • Alignment with organizational goals and community needs
    • Monitoring and Reporting
      • Comprehensive tracking of social value initiatives
      • Transparent and detailed reporting
      • Data-driven insights to measure effectiveness and progress
    • Programme Development and Implementation
      • Design of bespoke social value programs
      • Strategic planning and execution
      • Continuous support and adjustment to ensure success
    • Social Value Networking
      • Facilitation of partnerships and collaborations
      • Connecting with key stakeholders and community leaders
      • Building robust networks to enhance social impact
    • Financial Sustainability through Social Value
      • Identifying and securing funding opportunities
      • Assisting in social value tender processes
      • Strategies to enhance financial performance through social value integration

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