Open Opportunities

    PAG provides high-quality bid-writing services and has a track record of successful applications to the DfE and different local authorities. If you are interested in our services, please get in touch here.

    To find out more about our different services for free schools, including how we can move forward with any of the open opportunities below, click here.

    DfE Free School Waves

    Throughout last year and this, the DfE ran a series of free school waves with the objective of opening new, high-quality mainstream, SEND, and alternative provision free schools.

    Each wave is now closed to new bidders and at varying stages of completion.

    While the process is now closed to new bidders, existing successful applicants can still enlist PAG's expert support with the next stages, utilising our vast expertise in pre-opening project management for instance. To speak to an expert today, please use our contact page and we'll be in touch shortly.

    Please find below a list of live open opportunities

    Location: Henley Gate, Ipswich
    Local Authority: Suffolk
    Age Range: 4-11
    Discipline: Mainstream
    Deadline: 06/05/24
    More Info: Here

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