Governance Review

PAG is well-placed to advise on the complex and demanding requirements of Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) governance. PAG can deliver an external review of governance for a range of organisations to ensure their governance structures are transparent and compliant with relevant legislation, and to understand and inform growth strategy. Continue reading to find out how we deliver our external review of governance.

    What is an External Review of Governance?

    As set out in the Governance handbook, an external review of governance (ERG) examines the effectiveness of the board based on strategic leadership,  accountability, people, structures, compliance and evaluation features of effective governance.

    It is conducted by an experienced governance expert who is external to, and independent of, the board and the executive leaders.

    The external review of governance support from PAG is a step-by-step process that delivers a full and in-depth review of a MAT’s existing governance structures. Following this review, we produce a report of the key findings, along with a clear and credible action plan in consultation with the school or MAT.

    This will support the trust in implementing changes to governance where necessary, ensuring structures are in place to best serve the interests of the organisation, its pupils and staff, as well as its stakeholders.

    PAG's External Review of Governance

    PAG has market-leading experience in education consultancy and is well placed to advise on best practice and regulatory aspects of MAT governance.

    We recognise the importance of having a transparent, well-organised structure of governance to ensure that MATs can expand their family of schools, in addition to effectively managing their existing ones.

    Drawing on our substantial prior experience in conducting external reviews of governance and advising clients across various areas in the education sector, our team will bring a comprehensive set of skills and expertise to the review. This includes a full compliance check, a thorough skills audit, a succession review, and a detailed report outlining actionable points to enhance the governance of your academy trust, ensure full compliance with relevant legislation, and execute your strategic vision.

    Clients that utilise our external review of governance service will be ensuring they are best placed to expand their growth, as well as being continually supported after their review.

    How will PAG implement this review?

    Our approach to reviewing a MAT’s governance processes and structures follows a three-step process:

    1) Planning stage: our experienced reviewers will conduct a preliminary scoping session with trust leaders and collect relevant data to build an accurate picture of the existing governance structure.

    2) Engagement: PAG will hold 1-1 discussions with governance leads and a self-review session with the Board of Trustees, in which the external consultant leads the MAT through the eight elements of effective governance, guiding the governing board as it self-diagnoses its own strengths and areas for development. 

    3)Documentation and Reporting: we will then produce both an action plan and a findings report for the Board of Trustees and central team leaders.

    4) Follow-up: once the action plan has been agreed, the MAT will move ahead with implementing the proposed changes. PAG will continue to consult with, and advise, the trust to monitor all developments and implementation.

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