SEND Reviews for MATs

PAG works for multi-academy trusts (MATs) throughout England in order to undertake strategic reviews of high needs provision for children and young people with SEND. Our SEND Review takes a sensitive, people-first approach in every project to take full account of the views of parents/carers, children and young people, teachers, and senior leaders. For example, PAG can help MATs navigate and overcome the challenges of a reconfiguration of their SEND provision that best meets the unique needs of their organisation.

    Ensuring support for children and young people with SEND

    Our SEND Review service was borne from MATs facing increasing pressure to meet the needs of a growing number of children and young people with SEND in their schools. Any decision to open a new resourced base for pupils with SEND should be part of a MATs long-term strategic planning. This planning needs to be informed by quality data, in-depth research, and feasibility studies, and enhanced through consultation with parents/carers and other stakeholders.

    Ensuring that children and young people with SEND are effectively supported is an already complex job made even more complicated by the increasingly diverse nature of the needs of some groups of pupils, and the subsequent need for new approaches to meeting them. For example, conducting a thorough analysis of the demand for resourced provision within a MAT is an essential requisite to ensure better educational outcomes for pupils with SEND.

    SEND Review

    PAG can advise senior MAT leaders on how to ensure that the needs of children and young people with SEND can be best met across the MAT. This work can include benchmarking exercises and value for money reviews. Ultimately, our work can enable MATs to create high quality school places for pupils with SEND, and to shape a more inclusive educational environment.

    While the scope of each SEND review is bespoke to the requirements of the MAT, we can deliver the following support:

    • Structured stakeholder consultation including with parents/carers (such as local support groups), children and young people, teachers, and senior leaders
    • Assessment of the current and future sufficiency of places
    • Feasibility studies for resourced provision
    • Value for money reviews including associated commissioning issues
    • Best practice reviews and recommendations, based on both quantitative and qualitative analysis
    • Benchmarking SEND spend against national figures and against statistical and geographical neighbours.

    Significant Change application

    MATs are required to submit a Significant Change application in order to add resourced provision. We can assist senior MAT leaders in writing and submitting a compelling proposal, maximising the chances of securing approval.

    Our personal and professional networks mean that at some point in our work throughout the sector we will have known someone who has faced and overcome a challenge that looks very similar to those you are facing. Over the years we’ve connected hundreds of professionals to support best practice in the SEND sector. 

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