Wraparound Childcare Sufficiency Assessments

PAG is a market leader in delivering comprehensive Childcare Sufficiency Assessments (CSAs), tailored to the nuanced needs of early years and wraparound providers, and has undertaken full CSAs for over 30 Local Authorities in England and Wales, with our experience stretching back to the early days of Sure Start and the Childcare Act 2006.

We are adept at gathering primary data through diverse means such as surveys and focus groups, engaging with childcare providers, parents, and educational professionals to ensure a broad spectrum of perspectives. Our expertise in secondary research and analysis translates into practical, actionable recommendations for our clients.

    CSA Methodology & Consultation

      Utilising the latest data processing tools, we are proficient in mapping current wraparound services and school provisions, taking into account population demographics and local trends to provide a complete picture of current and future demand. A key outcome of our sufficiency projects is the production of an in-depth gap analysis, commonly to inform a sufficiency action plan. Our gaps analysis focuses on geographical gaps within localised (including sub local-authority) childcare markets. PAG has also delivered Childcare Sufficiency Assessments where a gaps analysis has been used to inform focused SEND sufficiency and targeted early years business support with providers.

      Our consultations extend to wraparound childcare providers and parents alike to ensure diverse and representative feedback. These discussions delve into the sustainability of local providers, demand trends, occupancy levels, and the varying needs of families.

    Our Experience




    Data Analysing & Reporting

      In delivering our Childcare Sufficiency Assessments, we commit to a rigorous analysis of the gathered data, ensuring validity and relevance. The final report encapsulates strategic recommendations, including wraparound childcare supply and demand insights and a comprehensive action plan, all presented with clear visual data representations for ease of interpretation.

    Our CSA Approach

    Collaboration is at the heart of our approach. We balance the required research outputs with the needs of participants, upholding the highest standards of the Market Research Society's Code of Conduct. Respecting our participants' time and privacy, we guarantee confidentiality and adherence to GDPR, ensuring all stakeholders are informed, respected, and valued throughout the research process.

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