Retained Advisory Services

PAG will tailor our services to offer continued business and management support, ad-hoc strategic advisory, project analysis, and much more. We believe that with projects of a constantly evolving nature, a fixed project fee does not provide the best value for money, optimal results, or service flexibility. Recognising the distinct opportunities and services respective of each clients, we offer three tiers of retained advisory support.

    Why Retained Advisory?

    Retaining PAG's advisory services means you have access to enthusiastc and experiened experts dedicated to supporting your organisation's health and growth.

    There are myriad benefits to retaining our knowledgeable and well-established professional advisors to add value, expertise, and capacity to your organisation. The main goal of the services we offer is to enable you to devise and implement the strategic plans leading to the sustainable development of your trust. Compared to the commissioning of distinct pieces of work, a retained arrangement entails a higher degree of flexibility, allowing you to benefit from the timely and targeted support of a team of consultants with in-depth sector expertise already familiar with the context of your organisation, as well as your vision and aims.

    PAG has been retained for our advisory services by several organisations for a number of years, providing bespoke, comprehensive support such as successful funding and free school bids, meticuous review of strategy and governance documentation, setting up of new pupil referral units, and much more.

    How we support you

    Whether it's growing your trust, providing key strategic advice, or improving the efficiency of your operations, PAG's retained advisory provides a number of critical services to have you running at 100%. Below are just a few examples of how our retained advisory could support you.

    • Facilitation of Growth Projects: We conduct thorough school research and identification to support your growth ambitions. This includes aligning your objectives with DfE and regional priorities, facilitating and briefing for conversations with key stakeholders such as the DfE and Regional Directors (RD).
    • Structural Analysis and Alignment: Our team conducts in-depth structural analysis to align your organisation’s structure with its strategic objectives, improving overall efficiency and effectiveness.
    • Monitoring and Reporting Frameworks: We develop and implement robust frameworks for monitoring and reporting progress against strategic targets, ensuring accountability and continuous improvement.
    • Merger/Takeover Support: Our team offers expert guidance and support throughout the merger or takeover process, ensuring a smooth transition and successful integration of new schools or trusts.
    • Developing Cohesive Strategies: We work with you to create integrated strategies that span different areas of your organisation, ensuring alignment with your overall vision and objectives.
    • Communications Improvement and Workshops: We offer tailored workshops and communication improvement strategies for both internal and external stakeholders, enhancing engagement and organisational coherence.

    Alternative Learning Trust

    Since August 2022, PAG has maintained a retained advisory relationship with the Alternative Learning Trust (ALT), engaging in a variety of initiatives aimed at enhancing ALT's offerings and strategic position. Efforts have included the identification of and application for relevant funding opportunities and tenders, particularly those related to alternative provision (AP), domestic and gender-based violence, and support for children in care. Notable successes under this advisory include securing Trust Capacity Funding in 2021, a Mentoring Programme for Pupil Referral Units in spring 2022, and winning bids for domestic abuse training in Surrey and an AP Training offer in Medway alongside a Family Assessment and Planning assessment referral service in 2023. ALT has also been active in free school bids, successfully securing an AP school through the central wave, with PAG providing crucial interview support and bid writing assistance through a combination of retainer-based and separate services. Most recently, PAG has provided strategic support to ALT in establishing satellite provision and concurrent growth projects.

    Access to expert partners

    In addition to the support from PAG outlined above, our retained advisory services gives you access to the Umbrella Group network, a partnership between nine businesses providing professional services to the education sector, each with different specialisms. Partner expertise covers:

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