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Labour’s Education Pledge: Recruiting 6,500 New Teachers

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Labour’s Education Pledge:Recruiting 6,500 New TeachersLabour has renewed its commitment to education by pledging to recruit 6,500 additional teachers, emphasising this move as a cornerstone of their broader vision for systemic sector change. This commitment, part of Labour’s six “first steps for change” should the party come into government, is aimed at addressing the persistent challenges of teacher shortages in …

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Trust Capacity Fund (TCaF)

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The Trust Capacity Fund (TCaF)The Department for Education’s Trust Capacity Fund (TCaF) is designed to support the growth and development of academy trusts in England, offering financial assistance for trusts to enhance their capacity for managing more schools effectively. This funding aims at encouraging trusts to expand and improve, particularly by taking on underperforming schools in areas of high need, …

Early Years Wraparound Funding

Early Years Wraparound Care Funding for LAs

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Early Years Wraparound Care Funding for Local AuthoritiesThe DfE has published guidance and timelines for local authorities (LA), outlining its plans for changes to early years wraparound care funding and how it is utilised. The national wraparound childcare programme is part of the childcare reforms announced at the 2023 Spring Budget. The government’s ambition is that by 2026, all parents …

External Reviews of Governance

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External Reviews of GovernanceReviewing Your GovernanceIn this short blog, we discuss the importance and nuances of External Reviews of Governance (ERG) within the education sector and particularly within multi-academy trusts.Regular governance reviews are a critical aspect of good governance, demonstrating a trust’s commitment not only to the quality of its leadership and decision-makers, but also its preparedness for future plans …

PAG Explains: Capacity Mapping

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PAG Explains: Capacity Mapping  Here at PAG, we designed a Capacity Mapping service to ensure that the resource and capacity structures in growing organisations are fit for purpose. It is vital to safeguard against lack of capacity within members of your central or executive team to ensure that you can work towards each milestone, project, and strategic priority effectively and efficiently …