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Labour’s Education Pledge: Recruiting 6,500 New Teachers

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Labour’s Education Pledge:Recruiting 6,500 New TeachersLabour has renewed its commitment to education by pledging to recruit 6,500 additional teachers, emphasising this move as a cornerstone of their broader vision for systemic sector change. This commitment, part of Labour’s six “first steps for change” should the party come into government, is aimed at addressing the persistent challenges of teacher shortages in …

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Trust Capacity Fund (TCaF)

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The Trust Capacity Fund (TCaF)The Department for Education’s Trust Capacity Fund (TCaF) is designed to support the growth and development of academy trusts in England, offering financial assistance for trusts to enhance their capacity for managing more schools effectively. This funding aims at encouraging trusts to expand and improve, particularly by taking on underperforming schools in areas of high need, …

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Government introduces new teacher training apprenticeships

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Government introduces newteaching apprenticeshipsThis autumn marks a revolutionary shift in the landscape of teacher training, recruitment, and education with the launch of a new teacher degree apprenticeship program. Aimed at transforming the way schools recruit teachers, this initiative is designed to support individuals who wish to earn while they study for a degree, offering a high-quality, alternative route into the …

Pre-Opening Project Management: Recruitment

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Pre-Opening Project Management: Recruitment  When it comes to the pre-opening of a new school, one very important factor to consider is the recruitment of your new staff. Often, people begin recruiting staff 3-9 months before the opening of their new school. Our partners at MyNewTerm can help you manage this process and support you in finding suitable candidates to ensure …

Our time at PAG: A chat with ex PAG interns

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Our time at PAG:A chat with ex-PAG internsAs it’s currently the PAG intern takeover, we wanted to reach out to previous PAG interns to find out where they are now and how their experience working with PAG has benefited them. We got in touch with Anna Fosse-Galtier and Ellie Wright to talk about the projects they worked on at PAG, …

Disability Confident

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Premier Advisory & Disability ConfidentPremier Advisory is proud to announce that we have signed up to be part of the Disability Confident Scheme. The scheme, which counts the number of paid employees working at Disability Confident business at 11 million, is in place to support employers in getting the most out of the talents disabled people can offer the workplace.Disability …

Hassan Qayyum: Kickstarting my career goals

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Hassan Qayyum: Kickstarting my career goalsIn January 2021 Premier Advisory Group (PAG) launched a specific Kickstart for Education service. The aim was to enable educational settings to benefit fully from this brilliant initiative and through this, improve life chances and social mobility for young people in the communities they serve. PAG was approved as a Kickstart Gateway in March 2021 and became a DWP National Gateway provider in June 2021. With a firm belief in the …

DWP encourages employers to recruit Kickstart candidates at local Job Centres

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DWP encourages employers to recruit Kickstart candidates at local Job CentresThe Kickstart Scheme is a £2 billion programme which was launched by the government in September 2020 with the aim of creating new job placements for 16–24-year-olds at risk of long-term unemployment. The scheme aims to create hundreds of thousands of placements for young people and support the post-COVID economic …

Press release: PAG Launches Kickstart for Schools

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Press release: PAG launches Kickstart for Schools Premier Advisory Group has launched a school specific Kickstart programme. This allows schools of any type or size, from a 1FE maintained primary school to a 20+ school MAT to offer employment opportunities to young people which are fully funded by the government. The scheme promises huge benefits to the sector as it …