Pre-Opening Project Management: Recruitment

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Pre-Opening Project Management: Recruitment  

When it comes to the pre-opening of a new school, one very important factor to consider is the recruitment of your new staff. Often, people begin recruiting staff 3-9 months before the opening of their new school. Our partners at MyNewTerm can help you manage this process and support you in finding suitable candidates to ensure the smooth running of your school come opening day.

MyNewTerm is a recruitment service that was developed alongside computer science academics at the University of Bedfordshire and Open University for education needs in particular. With MyNewTerm, you’re able to efficiently track all applications from candidates with the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), post instant vacancies, encourage the joining of your Talent Pool, establish a live API feed, and much more. MyNewTerm facilitates the recruitment process and is beneficial for both recruiters and candidates, making the process easier for both.

As a recruiter, you’re able to save money on recruitment while increasing the number of candidates applying, and for candidates, you’re able to apply easily from all devices. Whether you find the recruitment process easy or difficult, MyNewTerm is easy to implement and beneficial for all.

There are many benefits for employers working with MyNewTerm, such as unlimited advertising; the Applicant Tracking System which includes the ability to arrange interviews, request references and send personalised updates; and the Careers Page which allows you to illustrate your company and personalise your page with images, videos, and updates which you can post at any time.

For candidates, there are benefits such as being able to apply quickly online, the ability to set up personalised notifications for jobs, and an efficient search and filter system to find jobs via postcode or category.

Having an effective, well-organised system for recruiting staff is crucial for your new school. With MyNewTerm, the process of recruiting new staff is no longer stressful or daunting, and it is no longer a long, difficult process for candidates. To speak with MyNewTerm regarding their services or if you have any enquiries, get in contact with their expert team here.

PAG's Expertise

PAG and its staff have been supporting the creation and opening of new schools and trusts for over a decade, helping to shape and improve the education sector since the introduction of The Academies Act (2010). Our founder played a part in not only the creation of the first three free schools to open in the country, but also the first free school opened via the local authority presumption route.

More recently, we have supported the creation of a new branch of the famous BRIT School, the BRIT School North, as well as a huge number of mainstream, SEND, and alternative provision schools offering both primary, secondary, and all-through provision.

With our extensive experience of the sector, we have developed an incredibly strong, diverse range of skills and services for our clients, but are also smart enough to see when someone knows more than we do. This is why we have always fostered a spirit of collegiate collaboration at PAG and have developed a number of close partnerships with other industry experts to help deliver best-in-class services to our clients. When choosing PAG for your pre-opening project management, not only are you choosing a highly experienced team from a range of backgrounds, including MAT governance and direct experience working with the DfE, but you are also gaining access to a network of expert partners all with the same aim of providing the best education experience for students and staff alike.

If you wish to learn more about integral free school project management and how it can smoothen the pre-opening process, check out our PAG Explains: PMC, Pre-Opening Project Management: Compliance and Capital Project Management articles, and our Pre-Opening Project Management page.