Understanding the Revamped Ofsted Complaints Procedure

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Understanding the Revamped Ofsted Complaints Procedure In an educational landscape where accountability and quality assurance play pivotal roles, Ofsted’s updated complaints procedure, effective from April 5th 2024, marks a significant shift towards greater transparency and fairness. This change, propelled by a comprehensive consultation last year that garnered over 1,500 responses from various sectors, reflects Ofsted’s commitment to refining its approach to …

SEND transport

The Rising Cost of SEND Transport

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The Rising Cost of SEND Transport In recent years, councils across England have faced a significant financial challenge that has largely flown under the radar: the skyrocketing cost of providing school transport for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). A comprehensive investigation by the BBC has laid bare the extent of this issue, revealing a nearly doubled expenditure within …

academy conversion

Academy Conversions & MAT Formation

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Academy Conversions & MAT Formation In the last decade, the landscape of the English education system has undergone significant transformations, with a prominent shift towards the conversion of traditional state schools into academies, and the formation of multi-academy trusts (MATs). This movement has reshaped the way education is managed and delivered, offering a new paradigm that promised enhanced autonomy, tailored educational …

DfE replaces governance handbook

Governance handbook replaced by DfE

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New Governance Guides for Schools and Academy Trusts:A Simplified Approach  The Department for Education (DfE) has taken a significant step forward in the realm of educational governance by releasing two specialised guides aimed at maintained schools and academy trusts, effectively replacing the previous DfE Governance Handbook updated in January 2017. This move marks a pivotal shift towards simplification and focus …

Kreston Reeves UK Academies Benchmark Report 2024

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Kreston Reeves UKAcademies Benchmark Report 2024The Kreston Reeves UK Academies Benchmark Report for 2024 presents an in-depth analysis of the financial health and operational challenges facing academy trusts across the United Kingdom. The report, which draws on data from nearly 300 Trusts and over 2,300 schools, offers a comprehensive overview of the sector’s current state, highlighting the resilience and challenges …

External Reviews of Governance

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External Reviews of GovernanceReviewing Your GovernanceIn this short blog, we discuss the importance and nuances of External Reviews of Governance (ERG) within the education sector and particularly within multi-academy trusts.Regular governance reviews are a critical aspect of good governance, demonstrating a trust’s commitment not only to the quality of its leadership and decision-makers, but also its preparedness for future plans …

PAG Explains: Trust Mergers

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PAG Explains: Trust MergersFollowing the release of the White Paper back in March, mergers are the talk of the day. The DfE are now not only proposing academy conversions but encouraging smaller MATs to become larger. In response, PAG’s clients are now commonly asking us about how to prepare for a merger discussion.PAG has a proven route to guiding MATs …

Where is the English Education System Heading? An Insight into the Future of Multi Academy Trusts

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Where is the English Education System Heading? An Insight into the Future of Multi Academy Trusts At the Foundation for Education Development summit, which took place at the beginning of March, Secretary of State Gavin Williamson restated the importance for schools to build partnerships and join a bigger family, that is, to become part of a Multi Academy Trust. ‘Multi …

PAG’s Kickstart Journey

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PAG’s Kickstart Journey: Our Progress Thus Far Seven weeks ago, Premier Advisory Group was approved by the DWP as a Kickstart Gateway. Since then, we have been working tirelessly to introduce this fantastic initiative to the wider education sector, within which we had long identified a need for extra support based on a clear understanding of the sector’s needs.  To date, we have received just short of 400 requests for employees via Kickstart and have helped …

Windrush Grant Scheme: Powerful Projects to Promote Awareness

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Windrush Grant Scheme: Powerful Projects to Promote Awareness The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) has launched The Windrush Day Grant Scheme which aims to encourage community engagement in projects to celebrate the arrival of MV Empire Windrush in June 1948.   The Grant Scheme is part of the Government’s efforts to celebrate, commemorate and educate about the Windrush Generation and their contribution to British society through meaningful projects in England. Windrush Day is on 22nd June and recognises the …