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Academy Conversion Grant Changes

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Academy Conversion Grant Changes In a significant development, the Department for Education (DfE) has updated the eligibility criteria for maintained schools considering conversion to academy or trust status. This change, announced just yesterday (21/03/24), aims to streamline the conversion process and encourage a more collaborative, community-driven approach among schools. Let’s delve into what this means for schools and the strategic implications …

academy conversion

Academy Conversions & MAT Formation

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Academy Conversions & MAT Formation In the last decade, the landscape of the English education system has undergone significant transformations, with a prominent shift towards the conversion of traditional state schools into academies, and the formation of multi-academy trusts (MATs). This movement has reshaped the way education is managed and delivered, offering a new paradigm that promised enhanced autonomy, tailored educational …

What impact does COVID-19 have on transition to university?

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What impact does COVID-19 have on transition to university? 🎓📝📚The transition from school or college to higher education can be difficult. Even prior to the transition to university, prospective students will undeniably be thinking about their course choice and the impact this will have on their future whilst juggling A-Levels. Upon starting, new undergraduates have to adapt to an unfamiliar …

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COVID-19 and Transition Between Key Stages

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Change can be a difficult process if it is not prepared for and handled well, for children and adults alike. Schools recognise this and endeavour to provide the necessary support to pupils during their transition between key stages. COVID-19 has significantly disrupted this process; pupils will have already faced a great deal of change in the last few weeks and …