DfE replaces governance handbook

Governance handbook replaced by DfE

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New Governance Guides for Schools and Academy Trusts:A Simplified Approach  The Department for Education (DfE) has taken a significant step forward in the realm of educational governance by releasing two specialised guides aimed at maintained schools and academy trusts, effectively replacing the previous DfE Governance Handbook updated in January 2017. This move marks a pivotal shift towards simplification and focus …

A look at the length of England's school day

EPI: A look a the length of England’s school day

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EPI: ‘An evidence review into the length of the school day’Assessing England’s School DayIn February 2024, the Education Policy Institute (EPI) published a pivotal report titled “An evidence review into the length of the school day,” examining the potential impacts of extending school hours in England. This paper was prompted by the UK government’s 2022 white paper “Opportunity for all: …

ACDS Children's Services Blog Title Image

ACDS publishes updated children’s services policy paper

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ACDS publishes updated children’s services policy paper In a compelling update to its 2017 policy position paper, “A Country That Works for All Children,” the Association of Directors of Children’s Services (ACDS) has released a new policy paper that serves as both a reflection on the past seven years and a fervent call to action. This latest document underscores the persistent …

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Trust Capacity Fund (TCaF)

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The Trust Capacity Fund (TCaF)The Department for Education’s Trust Capacity Fund (TCaF) is designed to support the growth and development of academy trusts in England, offering financial assistance for trusts to enhance their capacity for managing more schools effectively. This funding aims at encouraging trusts to expand and improve, particularly by taking on underperforming schools in areas of high need, …

Teacher training graphic

Government introduces new teacher training apprenticeships

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Government introduces newteaching apprenticeshipsThis autumn marks a revolutionary shift in the landscape of teacher training, recruitment, and education with the launch of a new teacher degree apprenticeship program. Aimed at transforming the way schools recruit teachers, this initiative is designed to support individuals who wish to earn while they study for a degree, offering a high-quality, alternative route into the …

The Emergency School Improvement Fund (ESIF)

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The Emergency School Improvement Fund (ESIF) Explained The Emergency School Improvement Fund (ESIF) from the Department for Education (DfE) is a crucial fund for schools to address challenges that demand immediate intervention. It is designed to offer financial support to schools that are facing unexpected or imminent failure in various areas such as leadership, governance, safeguarding, human resources, and finance.What is …

11-16 Education Committee Report: Government Responds

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House of Lords 11-16 Education Report and Government Response Education for 11–16 Year Olds Committee Report In a 2023 report titled ‘Requires Improvement: Urgent Change for 11-16 Education’, a House of Lords Committee outlined relatively severe reforms it felt were urgently needed to improve the standards of 11-16 year olds’ education, with particular reference to the digital and green economies. A brief …

Kreston Reeves UK Academies Benchmark Report 2024

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Kreston Reeves UKAcademies Benchmark Report 2024The Kreston Reeves UK Academies Benchmark Report for 2024 presents an in-depth analysis of the financial health and operational challenges facing academy trusts across the United Kingdom. The report, which draws on data from nearly 300 Trusts and over 2,300 schools, offers a comprehensive overview of the sector’s current state, highlighting the resilience and challenges …

DfE Updates ESFA Guidance

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DfE Updates ESFA Guidance The DfE recently updated it’s information and guidance on the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA). Please keep reading below for a summary of the key additions and changes. If you’re interested in funding for your school or trust, PAG has a significant history of supporting our clients to secure funding and would be delighted to speak …