How to Manage a Phased Re-opening During Covid-19: Webinar Summary

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How to manage a phased re-opening during COVID-19: Webinar summary by Yashna Smart Last week, I attended a webinar hosted by HCR Law, in which they discussed the issues around the possibility of staff and pupils returning to school in June. Of course, the majority of schools have been open throughout the lockdown period for vulnerable children and children of …

COVID 19 transition education

COVID-19 and Transition Between Key Stages

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Change can be a difficult process if it is not prepared for and handled well, for children and adults alike. Schools recognise this and endeavour to provide the necessary support to pupils during their transition between key stages. COVID-19 has significantly disrupted this process; pupils will have already faced a great deal of change in the last few weeks and …

The Sutton Trust’s research into the impact of COVID-19 on the most disadvantaged young people

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The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are likely to impact on practically every area of government policy for the foreseeable future. The Sutton Trust, a foundation which improves social mobility in the UK through evidence-based programmes, research and policy advocacy, has looked into the impact of COVID-19 on the most disadvantaged young people through their time in education and into …

Oak National Academy

Oak National Academy: A User Experience

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The Oak National Academy online service has now been running for over two weeks, and by last Friday, over 2 million lessons had been accessed by pupils all over the country. Each week, the platform offers 180 sequenced lessons recorded by more than 40 teachers, for pupils from Reception up to Year 10. The launch of the Academy has been …

Parental Engagement in Schools

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The Education Endowment Fund defines parental engagement as “the involvement of parents in supporting their children’s academic learning.” The association between parental engagement and a child’s academic success is well-established and there is a long history of research into parental engagement programmes. Parent/carer engagement is important because working together (with mothers, fathers and carers) has been shown to have a …