The DfE announces the new Teaching School Hubs

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The DfE announces the new Teaching School Hubs

The DfE has announced the organisations that have been approved as Teaching School Hubs. Premier Advisory Group offers its warmest congratulations to all the successful schools, and are delighted that a number of our clients have succeeded in securing the Teaching School Hub status.

The application window closed on 30th October 2020 and, from what PAG understands, competition in many areas was intense. The Teaching School Hub scheme is an important part of the initiatives that the Government has put in place in order to support teachers throughout their career and enhance collaboration among schools. The project has created a network of 87 centres of excellence for teaching development, which will be responsible for delivering numerous training programmes, such as Initial Teacher Training (ITT), the Early Career Framework programme, the specialist National Professional Qualifications (NPQs) and induction for Newly Qualified Teachers (NQTs).

Teaching School Hubs are expected to start delivering their services from September 2021. They will be funded for a period of three years, as long as some essential requirements, including certified progress against key performance indicators, are met. Teaching School Hubs will be accessible to every school in the country.

    PAG is retained by numerous clients who benefit from our expertise in managing complex projects in the education sector. 

    PAG has a strong track record of success in managing innovative and challenging projects that involve dealing with the DfE or other large government departments, such as the MoJ and DWP. We provide services in the following areas:

    • Project management: PAG is currently retained by numerous clients who benefit from our expertise in managing complex projects in different areas of the education sector, from overseeing the pre-opening phase of a new school to leading the academy conversion process. We are able to deal efficiently with the DfE in the course of the short and intense implementation phase of the Teaching School Hubs project, thus enabling you to concentrate your resources on strategic priorities, such as designing the curriculum in all its aspects. Our flexible and multi-disciplinary team of consultants is well-versed in helping clients navigate through uncharted territories.
    • Bespoke advice and guidance on how to devise an effective networking plan, to help to find partners with skills and capacity necessary to ensure a smooth delivery of the project. At this stage of the process, it is essential for Teaching School Hubs to find key partners throughout their region, including schools and the soon to be announced ECF and NPQ Lead Providers.

    Teaching School Hubs will be in the vanguard of the DfE’s recruitment and retention strategies and Premier Advisory is willing and able to support.

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