Scape Group’s summary on school place planning

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Scape Group has written a summary here on school place planning and the challenges the UK faces to make sure there are enough school places to meet growing demand. 


Whilst the document was produced in 2019, the challenges the sector faces still remain. The school age population was set to increase 5.5 per cent in 2020 and 2021, when the document was first published in 2019. This means that the equivalent of 640 new primary and secondary schools would be needed to meet the demand by 2022.


The document will be of interest to Trusts looking to begin their planning on areas in which they are looking to expand. Premier Advisory is currently in discussion with a number of clients to assess how projected demand impacts them and how best to meet this demand via new or expanded provision.


 If you wish to discuss how these projections impact your Trust and to begin planning the next step for your growth, please book a no obligation discussion by following this link or learn more about our services related to free school here

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School Places Challenge 2019 - Scape Group