Kickstart in Review

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Kickstart in review

Now the academic term has ended, Premier Advisory Group (PAG) reflects on our journey since approval as a DWP national Gateway for the Kickstart scheme. Since then, we have worked tirelessly across England, Scotland, and Wales to ensure the education sector makes the most out of this fantastic opportunity. The £2 billion Scheme, which launched back in September 2020, enables organisations across the UK to gain government funded 16–24-year-old recruits. Employers across the UK can access some much-needed extra capacity whilst giving young people a helping hand, through the provision of work experience and skills needed to find meaningful employment in a post-COVID job market.

Despite the end of term, with many school staff now on their well-earned break, eagerness across the education sector to partake in the scheme has yet to falter. We are glad to be supporting the sector access vital extra resources and proud to be helping young people take what could be the first steps of long and exciting careers. As of now PAG has supported over 2000 referrals across hundreds of placements across the United Kingdom.

PAG is committed helping the education sector realise the fantastic opportunity the Kickstart scheme presents, the enthusiasm and positivity received shows thus far PAG mission has been a resounding success.

Please be aware that, after a very successful delivery of the Kickstart scheme, from 17/12/21 we are no longer taking new Kickstart applications. For information on our other services, and how we can support your organisation in other ways, please get in touch using the links below.

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