We’ve taken the pledge!

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Admittedly, words I was not expecting to be writing any time soon, However, rather than a pledge around Pinot, Absolut and Rioja, we’re committing to Partnership, Access and Recruitment.

Since starting PAG we’ve been a big believer in leading by example. When we speak to clients about setting up and governing schools we do so from a position where we have done (and continue to do) just that. When we advise on re-shaping SEND provision, we do so having done just that.

And so to Social Mobility. We’re currently working on a number of projects related to the 12 Opportunity Areas. This being the case, we thought it only right that we demonstrated our commitment by signing up to the Social Mobility Pledge. We’ll also be encouraging our clients and partners to do the same.

We’re a relatively small employer so we’re realistic about what we can achieve in relation to social mobility in this regard. However, with over 5 million SMEs in England, if we can encourage 0.01% to take the pledge, this could make a world of difference.

We’ve taken the pledge and are excited by the possibilities. Why don’t you?