Social Mobility and Education

PAG is committed to reduce inequalities over the UK by enhancing social mobility and closing the attainment gap. 

PAG has been supporting stakeholders in the successful rollout and sustainability of the Social Mobility Opportunity Area Delivery Plans.

    Challenging Social Inequalities

    The idea of social mobility is something that most people can sign up to. This is most probably because we all think that it is a very good thing that people (especially young people) should have the opportunity to reach their full potential based on their talents and hard work.

    However, given the entrenched nature of inequality within most societies, including here in the UK, it is a real challenge to put in place policies which will help to achieve a significant degree of social mobility. The Government has established a plan for improving social mobility with opportunity areas at the sharp end.

    Social Mobility and Opportunity Areas

    The success of these Opportunity Areas must ultimately be judged by the extent to which improvements to social mobility can be sustained beyond the lifetime of these policies. It is therefore of the utmost importance that we evaluate the impact of Opportunity Areas beyond their lifetime. In doing this, we can also take lessons forward into future policies.

    The prize is clear: unlocking the potential of children and young people who can then contribute even more to the economic and social fabric of communities across the country. We’re looking to build connections that can provide opportunities to share knowledge across Opportunity Areas and embed good practice for a benefit beyond their lifetime.

    Those from better-off backgrounds are almost
    more likely to be in a professional job than their working class peers

    Our knowledge

    Our professional team  has strong knowledge around social policy relating to education and inequalities. We have a deep understanding of the challenges our society is facing with an increasing social gap to bridge. 

    We deliver research and produce articles around social mobility and many other related topics such as inclusive education, parent engagement, exclusion, rolling-off, digital divide, cultural capital, and much more. 

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