PAG Profiles: Jack Price Darbyshire

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Profiles: Jack Price Darbyshire


Meet Jack...

Jack Price Darbyshire joined PAG in 2022 via the Kickstart scheme as an intern. He has a  BSc in Politics and Philosophy from the University of Bristol and a MSc in International Development with Distinction from the University of Birmingham.

What kind of projects do you work on at PAG?

At PAG, I lead free school bid writing, and I have had the privilege of leading a number of bids during Wave 15.  

During the AP wave, I took charge of managing all bids, ensuring they were well-organized and properly executed. I have also led childcare sufficiency assessments, which allowed our clients to gain valuable insights into the needs of their local communities. 

Currently, I am coordinating a comprehensive review of funding for all schools on the Isle of Man.

Do you have a project that you are particularly proud of or enjoyed working on and why?

I am particularly proud of the Free School Bid I managed and drafted for Oak Learning Partnership to open a SEMH Secondary School in Bury. The client already does amazing things for children with SEND in the area through their current ‘Outstanding’ provision at Elms Bank. I had the pleasure of seeing this first hand when I visited the school and spent the day with their headteacher Orienne Langley-Sadler and spoke with their CEO James Franklin-Smith. It was one of the first bids I managed, and seeing the passion these people had for helping some of the most vulnerable children in an area where there is not much provision really motivated me to do all I could to write a great bid that highlighted the amazing work they do. Working with them really ignited an interest in special education for me, and I want to continue to help great trusts expand through the upcoming special wave. I was really proud when they were invited to interview, and am keeping all fingers crossed that they are selected, as I know they will do an amazing job. 

Why did you start working in consultancy?

I never really knew what I wanted to do when I was younger, I just knew I wanted to do something that had a positive impact on society. I was fortunate to find this job through Kickstart and was given the opportunity to work at PAG as an intern. From the moment I joined I knew I wanted to stay on permanently after seeing all the amazing work they do. I really enjoy the problem-solving aspect that comes with consultancy and it is very fulfilling enabling the people we work with to continue to do awesome stuff in education and early years. 


What’s your favourite way to relax after a long day at work?

Sometimes I find it difficult to get out of the work mindset when working from home all the time. I have found exercising or just getting outside as the best way to get myself out of this. As such, since moving to Bristol I have started playing football again both 5-a-side on Mondays and for a 11-a-side team on a Saturdays. The rest of the time I often go for walks around Bristol, particularly by the suspension bride or The Downs. I am also looking to start Brazilian Ju-Jitsu soon. 

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Rather than get overwhelmed by big tasks, break them down into small more easily achievable chunks with expected time frames and then tick them off one by one. 

Do you have any other fun stories from your time at PAG?

On my first trip to the Isle of Man with PAG, I was attacked by a seagull who stole my sandwich. 

What’s the last bit of content you fell in love with?

Rye Lane, go see it at the cinema while you still can!