30 Hours Free Childcare

On September 2018, all Local Authorities were given guidance by DfE on evaluating their localised evolving 30 hours childcare offer. Premier Advisory Group is able to support Local Authorities with this process – through process and impact evaluations – which would look at the critical questions of: Is supply of 30 hours childcare places keeping up with demand?; are parents able to access the provision they need?; and are providers able to deliver as part of an effective business model?

    Sufficiency Assessment

    The 30 hours childcare offer is now in its second full year of operation. It has undoubtedly thrown up quite a few questions and challenges so far. It has now surpassed the governments targets in terms of the numbers of families accessing the childcare offer and statistics so far suggest it’s certainly allowed more parents to work and indeed to work more flexibly. Premier Advisory Group have so far undertaken eight 30 hours childcare offer themed sufficiency assessments. We have therefore already honed a methodology which has inherent flexibility but which remains robust and able to demonstrate how local early years childcare markets – and the other two funded entitlements – are reacting to the evolving delivery of 30 hours childcare.
    Premier Advisory had undertaken
    30 hours childcare sufficiency assessment


    Premier Advisory Group has in the recent past undertaken outreach work to promote the free/funded entitlement for 2 year olds to relevant families. We are able to replicate that model of focused community outreach and promote the 30 hours childcare offer, including to harder-to-reach families and parents.

    "Premier Advisory Group were commissioned by London Borough of Hounslow in 2018 to carry out a 30 Hours Sufficiency Assessment. They had a professional approach, listened carefully to our requirements, engaged extensively with our providers, gave regular updates on progress and were responsive to requests to further develop data as required. Their final report contributed to planning for the sufficiency of 30 hour places in Hounslow."

    Angela Doidge-Nelson, London Borough of Hounslow

    "Calderdale Council commissioned Premier Advisory Group in 2018 to carry out a Childcare Sufficiency Assessment parents’ survey. Their approach was professional, we were regularly updated and they listened carefully to our requirements as the project progressed.  Their final report contributed to planning for the sufficiency of childcare in Calderdale, and in particular the consultation reported back parents’ and carers’ views on the delivery, process and impact of the 30 hour childcare offer since its inception in 2017."

    Nikki Wood, Calderdale Council

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