What is the Trust Capacity Fund (TCaF)?

TCaF is the name of an additional funding from the Department for Education which will award up to £17 million of funds to support the growth and development of academy trusts. There will be four strands of funding, each with their own eligibility criteria. We have a very successful record of assisting in bid-writing for funding applications for Single and Multi-academy Trusts, and can help your trust to achieve this new source of funding.

What are the grant thresholds for TCaF?

There are four Strands of funding of TCaF, classified as Strands C, B, A2 and A1. The maximum grant threshold available is £310,000, depending on the eligibility criteria of the Trusts that are applying. We have solid experience in evaluating and assisting Trusts in obtaining funding such as this, and would be delighted to help your own Trust with your needs.

Who can apply for TCaF?

To apply for any of the strands of funding, a Trust must be of sound financial health; not have an open Financial Notice to Improve; take into the Trust at least one additional school; and be able to demonstrate how you plan to use the funding efficiently and effectively. We have extensive experience in assisting Trusts to provide clear and straightforward financial planning strategies to the Department for Education (DfE), and have been very successful in helping Trusts obtain DfE funding.

What activities are NOT eligible for the TCaF?

There are several activities that will be ineligible for the TCaF funding. Among these are capital expenditures (e.g. buildings, furniture), small amounts of time for pre-existing salaried staff, foreign travel. If these categories sound broad, you don’t have to worry – we are here to assist your Trust in evaluating and obtaining this new funding from the Department for Education.