Resourced Provision

Special Provision Capital Fund

Premier Advisory Group continue to work with Local Authorities to support them with projects aligned to the Special Provision Capital Fund. A significant number of these projects focus on attaining traction for the establishment or augmentation of Resourced Provision.

Engagement and Identification

Premier Advisory Group conduct independent engagement with mainstream and special schools, including MATs, to identify where there is capacity and suitability to develop or expand Resourced Provision within your authority. We will independently identify schools who may be interested and able to develop high quality provision.

Barriers and Challenges

Our experience in conducting SEND Reviews for Local Authorities has led us to understand in great detail the barriers and challenges associated with developing Resourced Provision. We understand that these barriers include, but are not limited to, capacity, expertise, funding, space and pressure on staff.


We will work with your local authority, to develop a Resourced Provision-led strategy which considers finances, need, pupil projections, current capacity, expertise and location to develop the appropriate and required provision for your authority which will be sustainable.

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