Executive Leadership for MATs

At Premier Advisory Group (PAG) we understand Multi Academy Trusts’ operations and requirements from end to end. Whether you are looking for skills in planning, sourcing, recruiting, or promoting, extra capacity for a new project or to supplement your current operations team, our Executive Leadership Placement services can find the right people to address your plans for growth and development.

    Executive Leadership Placement

    PAG supports clients in placing exceptional educators into Multi-Academy Trust leadership. Whether looking for the next best CEO, CFO or Chair of Governors, PAG has supported its wide-range of clients in producing recruitment materials, approaching, interviewing and sifting and onboarding the very best of staff for their central teams. From direct recruitment, developing engagement strategies and managing formal and informal partnerships, PAG’s support can help to develop your and your organisation’s networks. PAG’s experienced consultants are on-hand to ensure that you are fully in control and assured of the progress of your next hire.

    Capacity Mapping

    Capacity mapping is a review of clients' internal capacity structure and its effectiveness. Undergoing the capacity mapping process helps our clients to visualise how their executive leadership team works together and within your organisation, and where strategic improvements can be made.

    PAG's approach combines business workforce management with an in-depth knowledge of the education sector. Our work will result in recommendations that outline the pressure points in the organisation, and ensure that there are enough of the right people in place at the right time, at the most efficient cost.

    Creative Headhunting

    PAG have matched CEO and other senior positions to trusts, on behalf of our clients. Alongside traditional recruiting, we are experts in seeing opportunities outside of the standard job advertisements, be that using your hunt for executive leaders to start conversations regarding mergers and further growing your trust, or considering alternative employment structures to provide the best value for the pupils you educate.

    Trust Offer

    Trusts grow by offering value for money, educational excellence and greater opportunities to potential joiner schools. PAG offers full reviews of your trust offer, with recommendations and revised marketing work to help to boost your engagement for growth and commercial strategy.

    For trusts near to the beginning of their journey, PAG’s support in finding and placing new staff for your central services teams can be essential. We will audit your current team, what competing trusts are doing regionally and nationwide, and ensure that you recruit people with the skills needed to develop your trust’s offer.

    Traded Services

    More trusts than ever are exploring alternative and innovative ways to grow and generate additional sources of income.

    If you are looking to create or develop your trade subsidiary – perhaps through our Management Consultancy services – then recruiting the right manager is of paramount importance. PAG can bring a commercial oversight to the process that many trusts lack, helping your subsidiary to act for the best interests of your trust at large.

    Premier Advisory Group can help you to increase capacity, address key resourcing issues and enable your organisation to reach your next phase of growth.

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