7th December

#Onthisday, in 1986, Kenneth Baker announced a

'national core curriculum' 

On 7 December 1986, Baker was interviewed by Matthew Parris on London Weekend Television's Weekend World programme. He declared that the comprehensive system was 'seriously flawed', with too many pupils 'aimless and drifting' (quoted in Chitty 1989:203). A new Tory government would therefore introduce a 'national core curriculum'; schools would become responsible for managing their own budgets and would be allowed to recruit as many pupils as they wished; and there would be more choice and differentiation in secondary schools, with a greater emphasis on vocational courses for less academic children.


Who hides in the bakery at Christmas?

A mince spy!

 #top10 project management tips for the free school pre-opening phase

  1. It's never too early to start, or sign 
  2. Project management takes more time and energy than you think
  3. Identify missing skillsets early
  4. Communicate - it's vital 
  5. Money does matter
  6. Focus on your deliverables
  7. Anticipate site complications 
  8. Strategise your pupil recruitment strategy 
  9. Don't waste your principal designate 
  10. Spread the word
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