December 3rd

Top  5 education Programme 

In today's PAGvent Calendar is our Top education Programme picked by our staff:

1. Nice White Parents

looks at the 60-year relationship between white parents and the public school down the block.

(Recommended by our consultant Mara) 

2.We are in Beta

Issue-based podcast of 10-30 minute interviews with teachers and leaders.

(recommended by Charlotte, our MD)

3. Educating Yorkshire

Documentary programme following the everyday lives of the staff and pupils of Thornhill Community Academy, a secondary school in West Yorkshire.

(recommended by Will, our brilliant intern) 

4. Teachers

Irreverent comedy drama following the chaotic lives of hapless teachers, who may be qualified to teach but have a lot to learn.

(recommended by James, our senior research consultant)

5. Didau & Robinson, It's Your Time You're Wasting

Youtube podcast talking about education, sharing interviews, views and news

(recommended by Anna, our Junior Consultant)


Who did King arthur ask to help measure his round table?

Sir Cumference!


On December 3rd 1976, Rocky was widely released. The premiere was on November 21, in NYC.

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