21st December

Throwback to our interviews with a Trust governor

In today's PAGvent Calendar, we come back to our interviews with Gary Brown, Trust CEO's. Gary Brown is an experienced non-executive director and Academy Ambassador who currently sits on the board of a small all-through MAT in Warwickshire and a mid-sized MAT in the West Midlands.

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Do you know what I'm getting my gran for Christmas?

A wooden leg.

It's not her main present, it's just a stocking filler!


1906 Education (Provision of Meals) Act (21 December):

In 1906 the British parliament passed the permissive Education (Provision of Meals) Act allowing Local Education Authorities (LEAs) to provide free meals to elementary school, funded out of the local rates.

A report published in 1889 indicated that over 50,000 pupils in London alone were attending school "in want of food".

Margaret McMillan and Fred Jowett were members of the School Board which introduced free school meals in Bradford. This was actually illegal and the School Board could have been forced to end this service.

McMillan and Jowett tried to persuade Parliament to introduce legislation which encouraged all education authorities to provide free school meals for children. McMillan argued that if the state insists on compulsory education, it must take responsibility for the proper nourishment of school children.

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