14th December

Top # education Twitter accounts to follow, picked by our staff: 

In today's PAGvent Calendar is our Top 6 education Twitter accounts,  picked by our staff:

@PhilofEd, Philosophy of Education Reading Network

@WeAreTeachers, We Are Teachers

@suttontrust, The Sutton Trust 

@BAMEedNetwork, Charity working to ensure visible diversity in education 

@FakeHeadteacher, Fake Headteacher

@EducEndowFoundn, Education Endowment Foundation 


How much did Santa pay for his sleigh?

Nothing – it was on the house.


In 1960, the Convention against Discrimination in Education of UNESCO is adopted.

It is the first international instrument which covers the right to education extensively and has a binding force in international law.

This Convention, which does not admit any reservation, has so far been ratified by 106 states.

This legally binding instrument encompasses the idea that education is not a luxury, but a fundamental right and it underscores the state obligation to proscribe any form of discrimination in education while promoting equality of educational opportunity.

States parties to the Convention are under the obligation to implement the right to education as it is elaborated including, among other provisions, the obligation of the state to provide free and compulsory education.

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