PAG Growth Lab

PAG Growth Lab, the incubator offering Trusts the strategic knowledge and creative tools to support sustainable growth

What is PAG Growth Lab?

Within the current national context, the school sector is evolving rapidly with a range of academy trusts of different sizes and makeups successfully growing their provision. For many more trusts however, growth is a tortuous process and pursuing development plans can both challenging and and frustrating. For exactly these reasons, Premier Advisory Group created Growth Lab.

Growth Lab is PAG’s growth management incubator for small to medium sized MATs looking to sustainably develop and grow their Trust.

What can we offer you?

Through a series of interactive engagements, we will advise you on how to bring your trust from its current position to its ideal or preferred state over an agreed period of time. Our experienced team have a passion for the sector and unrivalled industry insights across a diverse range of clients and through personal experiences working as MAT trustees. In combination with their consulting expertise, PAG will deliver you a series of efficient and tailored sessions that will help you set and achieve your strategic goals, over the short, mid and long term.

Offered as a series or as individual interactive sessions, we offer the following:

Our ‘considering growth?’ workshop investigates whether growth is the right thing for you at the current time and what it could look like. We advise that Trusts consider this workshop before committing to our programme. This interactive session will help you explore what your motivators for growth are and ensure that your current strategy is aligned with your expectations. For everyone, this workshop operates to understand your current position, your ambition for growth and aims to assess whether growth is right for you right now. The output of this session will be a universal agreement, within your Trust, whether growth is the right thing to pursue at the present time.

Audience: MAT and SAT Executive Teams, Trustees, Members, Executive Headteachers, FD/CFO

Duration: 3 hours

Our sustainability work advises trusts on how to balance growth within a changing policy environment. While most of the attention of trusts is usually focused on growth, it is more challenging and, arguably, more important to ensure the sustainability of the strategy. Growing too quickly and without care usually can lead to wasteful spending and reduction of resources. The due diligence a MAT has to undertake should be carefully planned and executed. This will provide a secure foundation on which the trust’s senior leaders, including trustees can build, in order to identify and implement specific actions which will help the trust grow in a considered and measured manner. This is all the more important as DfE and the offices of the RSCs are increasingly concerned at the performance of trust who are perceived to have pursue reckless plans for growth. We can be further commissioned to write your Trust a Regional School Commissioner’s compliant Growth Plan.

Audience: MAT and SAT Executive Teams, Trustees, Members, Executive Headteachers

Duration: 3 hours

If you are interested in our workshops, use the registration form below to book a session with us. Alternatively, feel free to schedule a call with our lead consultant here to know more about what our services and PAG Growth Lab.

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We are continually adding products to the Growth Lab suite, so be sure to check back soon and to stay in touch.