PAG Continues to Deliver the ISO Standard

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We are proud to announce that Premier Advisory Group has been judged to have maintained its delivery of the ISO Standard 9001:2015 in management consultancy.

This is the world’s most respected quality management classification and is designed to hold companies to a level of standards that enhance customer satisfaction. It also provides verification that the services provided will consistently meet regulatory requirements.

Part of this process involves an external audit of our processes to determine continuing adherence to the standard. Premier Advisory Group was audited on the 17th of May and was deemed to have continued to meet the criteria.

Charlotte Pearce Cornish, Client Director, said, ‘The outcome of the audit highlights our commitment to providing our clients with the highest quality of service, ensured by our internal quality assurance processes.

We will build on the outcome of this audit to ensure we continue to exceed our clients’ expectations. The ISO Standard is important for us as a recognised badge of quality across all areas of our operation’.