Communication in the age of COVID 19

Communication in (and after) the Age of Covid

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People are difficult. This will not come as a shocking comment to anyone who has ever dealt with another human being. Yet in spite of the endless tripwires, traps and trials we encounter when dealing with our fellow homo sapiens, positive contact and communication with the people around us are paramount to leading a healthy life. When it comes to …

LBH – 30 Hours sufficiency assessment

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“Premier Advisory Group was commissioned by London Borough of Hounslow to carry out a 30 Hours Sufficiency Assessment. PAG had a professional approach, listened carefully to our requirements, engaged extensively with our providers, gave regular updates on progress and was responsive to requests to further develop data as required. PAG’s  final report contributed to planning for the sufficiency of 30 …

QCEST – MAT formation

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“Premier Advisory’s services were recommended to us by a multi-academy trust for whom who they had worked with previously on a similar piece of work. From our initial discussions until the present day PAG staff have been a valuable source of information, expertise and support. PAG’s initial work was to work with the school on an application to open a …

CEC – Childcare Sufficiency

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“Thank you for producing the Childcare Sufficiency Assessment for Cheshire East Council. The research was managed effectively and the report produced on time. The gaps analysis and actions provide a clear focus for future planning.” Mark Thornton Childcare Development Manager, Cheshire East Council

DSAT – Trust Capacity Funding

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“Premier Advisory worked with us to help us secure TCaF funding to support the delivery of the next phase of our trust’s strategy. PAG helped us refine our growth plan and application form efficiently and effectively, taking time to understand our vision and ethos. We were impressed with how PAG was able to match our narrative style to reflect the …

PACT – free school & funding

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“Since 2015, Premier Advisory has been an energetic, trustworthy and reliable partner across a range of strategic projects. They helped move PACT from primary into secondary education with a successful free school application and assisted us in a number of successful bids from capacity grants to school improvement bids. This has assisted the continued development of our trust. Through ongoing …

Wellbeing During School Closures

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As many of the population attempt to find their way through the new normal of working from home, teachers and pupils across the country are adapting to a new way of learning. Recently, I attended a webinar hosted by Mark Steed, Principal at Kellett British International School in Hong Kong, in which he spoke about his experience leading a school …

Free School Interviews: 10 Things We’ve Learnt

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PAG offers mock free school interviews to groups who have submitted applications to open new schools, either via the central route or any local authority presumption competitions. We have recently undertaken several mock interviews with clients who have submitted applications through Wave 2, Wave 14 and local authority competitions and have summarised some invaluable insights that have arisen from these …

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Preparing for your Free School Interview

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Premier Advisory Group offers a mock interview service to any team with an application submitted to wave 14 or any other competition for a new school. We have significant experience on both sides of the interview table and bring all our knowledge and experience to every mock interview we give. Our team will put you through a process which mirrors …