Lifelong Learning

Research with young people

PAG’s approach to consulting with/on behalf of young people is one of co-production and co-facilitation. PAG typically works with local youth councils and other established gateway forums. Our social mobility themed projects have in particular targeted the 16-25 age group, including those with SEND. We like to hear about their aspirations, their ambitions – including entrepreneurial ones – and whether they envisage remaining in the locality they grew up in and thus also contributing to its local economy.

Our consultation methodologies have included webinars and ‘virtual’ consultations via video-conferencing. PAG is also highly experienced in facilitating Interactive consultation sessions, workshops and on-line surveys.

Taking the temperature of the local economy and its employment opportunities

Beyond academic provision, PAG will look into the key employment opportunity areas in your local economy. Is there a main industry that is performing successfully in your community? Are you predicting a skills shortage in the next few years, where, if trained correctly, young people might be able to gain meaningful and long-term employment? PAG will look at why young people may be leaving your local area for other parts of the country in order to realise their ambitions.

Post-16 partners

Looking directly at the post-16 further learning and training opportunities on offer in your area, PAG will find key indicators that establish (whatever their background and circumstances) what young people can benefit from and engage with. PAG will engage directly with local post-16 providers in your area to carry out thematic research on what students may be experiencing as barriers to realising their ambitions

Create materials to promote inward looking employment and education opportunities

PAG can help to collate and craft promotional and educational materials available from the local academic pathways to success, as well as employment schemes from local organisations, that can be used as critical resources to share with students as well as local schools, parents, and other stakeholders.