ICFP…Annex K…What?!

The ICFP evaluation is a welcome (if apparently retro-fitted) requirement for successful MDIF applicants. PAG will ensure clients demonstrate full compliance. while minimising the burden on school staff. Because our expertise covers Trust finance and governance, curriculum development & delivery, and education policy, we are uniquely placed to understand and deliver against the requirements.


Our curriculum and finance specialists will work together, under the guidance of one of PAG’s Directors, to evaluate the Trust’s position with regards to both areas and, in particular, their integration. In line with the DfE’s requirements, our evaluation will be forward-looking: we will not only advise on the status quo but provide advice which will support the Trust as it uses its MDIF funding to grow.

We Need information

Even with an independent evaluation, information gathering and reporting can still take too much time. We have designed a simple, painless process by which we can gather all the information required with minimal disruption to business as usual. Throughout the process we’ll keep in the front of our minds the more time you’re spending with us, the less time you’re spending improving outcomes.


In order to access funding we will provide you with a concise report that we will present to your Board. Additionally, we will revisit key aspects of the information at an agreed time to produce an update on key metrics and to confirm to DfE that funding has been spent wisely and has achieved impact. Not only is this good practice, it will also support future bids, providing evidence of outcomes linked to funding.