Integrated Curriculum Financial Planning (ICFP)

Since August 2018, Prmeier Advisory has worked with a wide range of clients across England carrying out ICFP evaluations. This has included Single-Academy Trusts, all primary Multi-Academy Trusts, all secondary Multi-Academy Trusts and cross-phase Trusts. ICFP enables leaders to plan and organise the deployment of their teachers and to refine strategic planning.

    Data driven approach and financial efficiency

    Integrated curriculum and Financial Planning (ICFP) is a data driven approach which enables schools to plan and organise the deployment of teachers and strategically plan looking several years ahead. Premier Advisory Group works with clients to compile the data and documents and produce the ICFP report. PAG then undertakes the detailed data analysis to help schools and trusts effectively deploy their resources. PAG provides a detailed, bespoke report that is design to be a living document. This approach allows PAG clients to regularly review and improve their efficiency. The process gives the necessary knowledge schools need to implement a sustainable model which boots outcomes for pupils and also gives trustees and governors visibility and confidence around value for money.

    Strategic objectives

    Clients or Premier Advisory have a number of reasons for undertaking ICFP evaluations. PAG consultants take time to understand the drivers and objectives for each project to ensure maximum benefit is derived.

    Irrespective of the reasons for commission, PAG ICFP evaluations all enable clients to design or refine an affordable, sustainable approach to their curriculum and to drive effective school resource management.

    PAG has also been commissioned deliver ICFP as part of the planning process for multi-academy trusts looking to integrate sponsored or converting schools into their organisations.

    PAG has worked with over
    schools and trusts to complete ICFP evaluations

    What our clients say

    "Premier Advisory Group supported us in releasing our MDIF grant by conducting a Trust-wide ICFP review. PAG looked at a range of measures to help us use our resources effectively and efficiently and the ICFP findings have helped us with collaborative decision making and the development of our use and understanding of ICFP. PAG were efficient and organised in their approach to the ICFP and provided us with comprehensive information."

    Barbara Mahoney, COO, John Taylor Multi Academy Trust

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