ICFP Annex K and MDIF

Since August 2018, PAG have worked with a wide range of clients all over England, on carrying out ICFP’s. This has included Single-Academy Trusts, all primary Multi-Academy Trusts, all secondary Multi-Academy Trusts and cross-phase Trusts. For some of our clients, we have completed the ICFP in order to meet the requirements of the Annex K and to help to release their MDIF grant. For other clients, the ICFP has been conducted to help design an affordable, sustainable approach to their curriculum and to drive effective school resource management. In addition, this has been part of the process of sponsoring or converting a new school into our clients’ Trusts.

Data Driven approach

ICFP stands for ‘integrated curriculum and financial planning’. It is a data driven approach which enables schools to plan and organise the deployment of their teachers and strategically plan looking several years ahead. In this process, Premier Advisory Group will help you to compile the relevant data and documents and we will produce an ICFP report through the analysis of the data to help your school effectively use its resources.

Strategic objectives

Whilst our clients have had different strategic objectives and varying reasons for want to complete an integrated curriculum and financial planning evaluation, this has proved to be an extremely useful process.

If you would like to know any more information about what the service actually is, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Financial efficiency

We will provide a detailed, personalised report and above all, is designed to be live documents which help you to improve your financial efficiency to benefit your pupils. The process will give you the knowledge you need to implement a sustainable model which boots outcomes for your pupils and will also give your trustees and governors visibility and confidence about the value for money you provide.