Here at Premier Advisory Group we have a track record stretching back prior to the formation free schools programme. The schools we have helped to open span the range of provision from 4-19 and from mainstream to SEN, covering all points in between. For some we have worked from day one of their projects, for more experienced clients we’ve just ‘ridden shotgun’ to give expert input when required. Furthermore, we bring current experience in opening new schools as proposers and recent experience of having assessed free school applications from a DfE perspective. Rest assured, whatever your school and whatever your needs, you could not be in better hands.


There is still the expectation that most schools will form or join multi academy trusts (MATs) so that proven educational models can spread and grow, and the best leaders can extend their influence by running multiple schools. Government policy is clear that children and young people will benefit from their schools being part of a larger whole. This can be frustrating for smaller trusts looking to grow. We work with


Schools looking to convert to academy status know full well that there is much to consider and find out before the funding agreement is signed. Many MATs who have taken on additional schools are finding out to their cost that the due diligence required during this process needs to be significantly more detailed. It also needs to be conducted with a cold eye. Premier advisory group can provide an incisive and cost-effective due diligence service to MATs to help them either to decide to take on a new school, or to provide them with the information they need prior to the decision to include a new school in the MAT.


Alongside our sister company Premier New Schools, our team as MAT trustees and advisers to schools, academies, and trusts, we have significant experience of undertaking reviews of financial structures and capability and capacity taking account of key issues such as budget management, financial strategy, reporting and governance, capacity building, and curriculum led financial planning. Click here to read more: