Our future growth relies on competitiveness and innovation, skills and productivity…
and these in turn rely on the education of our people.Julia Gillard

Specialist reviews

We work with authorities and trusts to conduct ‘deep dive’ reviews into specific areas relating to education and skills. From SEN to Post 16 or a focus on older people or returners to work, we have over a decade of experience to help support you whatever the requirement.

Area Reviews

What are the skills requirements for an area over the next generation? What does industry need and is the local infrastructure well enough established to deliver on the workers of tomorrow? We work with education and training providers, employers and authorities to plan the future.

New provision

How do you plan education and skills provision for a town that doesn’t exist? We work with proposers of large-scale housing developments to masterplan new towns with education at their heart. From demographic and workforce modelling to partner engagement we complement the work of planners and architects.


We can establish the need for certain types and size of provision in an area. Once complete, we work with well-developed existing networks and newly-formed partnerships to deliver high quality new provision. This is realised through a range of government and private programmes.