“My greatest strength as a consultant
is to be ignorant and to ask a few questions.”
Peter Drucker
Our approach starts with two questions:

Where are we now?
Consultancy projects which start with a blank piece of paper are extraordinarily rare. Before we can support a client, we need to ask the big questions: who, where, what, why and how? Not all of these questions will have answers, but in asking them we work out where to start.

Where do we want to be?
In some cases, this question is easily answered. In others, it will be the core of the entire project. Without an end goal – even where that is the discovery of the end goal itself – it is easy to start walking in the wrong direction.
We work with clients to define the challenge and scope the solution. Our consulting services include:

  • Identifying critical questions, issues and challenges
  • Reviewing processes, services and products
  • Creating short, mid and long-term strategies which generate long-term value
  • Implementing, and advising on the implementation of, organisational strategies
  • Building organisational expertise and capacity
  • Stakeholder engagement, both internal and external
  • Problem solving and fire-fighting. Whilst our approach is tailored to each client, our natural instincts are to work shoulder to shoulder, or at least hand in hand.