Children’s Centres

Children’s Centres play a crucial role in the delivery of early years services for families and young children. With good management, they can directly contribute to the improvement of outcomes and child development, while also reducing inequalities between families and improving social mobility.

Long term experience

Premier Advisory Group (PAG) has worked with over 200 Children’s Centres since their inception as Sure Start programmes. We provided support for individual Children’s Centres, clusters, networks and complete portfolios of local authority’s Centres.

Strategy Reviews & business support

Our services include the provision of sustainability reviews and performance evaluation to help local authorities or individual centres identify weaknesses and room for improvement. Complementing this, we provide tailored business support to assist Centres through restructuring and realignment processes.

Local context & social mobility

PAG has extensive experience in community need assessments which enables us to advise Centres on how to deliver services that are best suited to their local context.  And with the recent government focus to improve social mobility and refine delivery models in early years intervention, PAG provides specialist expertise enabling Children’s Centres to address most effectively these upcoming challenges and changes.

Outreach services with non-users

We are also conscious of the difficulties Children’s Centres can meet in reaching local families and raising awareness of the services that can be provided to them. Significantly experienced in doing consultations with parents and carers, we also provide valuable outreach services with non-users.

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